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Dani, 24, Florida, Queer. I blog about Art, Beautiful people, Bunnies, Cats, Dinosaurs, Doctor Who, Food, Horses, House/Home "porn", Love, Porn/sex, Roller Derby, Supernatural, Warehouse 13, and other awesome things/fandoms. I hate Disney. I don't trust anyone.

*Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: I do have MDD as well as an anxiety disorder. I frequently suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. I do blog about it. If this is an issue, do not follow me.

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That really sad moment when you have to bust out the calculator and do a bunch of math to make sure you can actually pay rent with your next pay check.

Also, my job is making my typing horrendous. We do everything in caps lock, so I never have to capitalize anything. I also abbreviate as much as possible so I don’t end up writing a novel in my notes (because no one wants to take 5 minutes just to find out what the last call was about).

Oh, and I’m 99% sure that one of the floor walkers has a crush on me. I’m usually not very good at picking up on the flirting thing, so when I do pick up on it…well…yeah. I mean, he’s really nice (from what I’ve seen of him, anyway), but I’m trying to get my ass over someone right now, and the going is tough enough on that.

And, honestly, I’m not sure I would ever be truly happy with a guy. I mean, it would take one seriously special guy for me to be happy. I’m a feminist (and my feminism is intersectional), I’m queer, I’m a serious animal lover…I tend to be too radical for most of the girls I meet. Guys run the other way when they get to know me (and usually so do I).

I don’t really care about the sex or gender of the person I’m with…I just need them to jive with who I am, and vise versa.

afractalparticle mentioned you in a photo “lezbhonest: dattch-app: dattch-app: What is Dattch? Dattch…”

…to the second date. dannisaurus  

ooo I will have to check this out when we get it here (and on Android). I didn’t even know you could tag people in post lol. Thanks =]

You’re so fucking bad for me, but I don’t know how to quit you.

And not in a chocolate chip cookie kind of way. In like…a greasy bacon kind of way. Smells good, but it’s bad for me and would make me violently ill if I tried to eat it.

What the fuck am I doing?

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Good Vibes HERE

Just gotta figure out how to stop chasing the wrong things. Or figure out what the wrong things are so I can stop chasing them.


Good Vibes HERE

Just gotta figure out how to stop chasing the wrong things. Or figure out what the wrong things are so I can stop chasing them.

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im so easily amused oh my fucking god but the pepper what the fuck



Get it because it’s an electrical socket

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Let us take a moment to observe the awesomeness of octopus.

My buddy read an article about octopus intelligence. It was feeding time, and the handler dumped some shrimp into an octopus’ tank. Then he went into another room and sat at his desk.

A while later, a shrimp was tossed onto his desk.

The octopus, upon finding one bad shrimp in the lot, had grabbed it, escaped its tank, crossed the hall, and threw the expired shrimp at its caretaker. Not only does this showcase their problem-solving capabilities, but also that it could have escaped at any time. It just broke out this time to chuck an off shrimp in indignation at its handler. That’s not just intelligence, that’s a human-like reaction. Kinda make you wonder exactly how smart these guys can be…


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i would pay a lot of money for a complete list of everyone who’s ever had a crush on me


^pretty much

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