Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

I wish I was one of the first people someone thought about when they wake up, and one of the last people when they go to sleep. And, not that I want to die right now, I wish that if I died, I would mean enough to someone that my absence would seriously alter their life (if even only for a short period of time…I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life). I wish I was one of the first people someone thinks about when they want to go do something; even if I’m miles away, and the thought is “I wish they were here so we could be together”.

I want to be in mutual love again. I miss how that feels.

Why dont you shave your armpits? I like it just curious if theres a reason 

There are 3 reasons:

1. I’m too fucking lazy.

2. I have insanely sensitive skin, and it hurts way too much to shave in such an already sensitive place.


Close up (yes, hand done myself, as always).

Close up (yes, hand done myself, as always).

Game Day ready nails.

Game Day ready nails.

I am super duper excited about our interest group at UCF for the Gamma Rho Lambda sorority!!! I can’t wait to get the ball rolling! Ladies who are interested, send me a message!! 

More information about our interest group coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts from me!!!

Changed my mind back to doing Tank Girl for Halloween. Rufio’s outfit was not what I remembered, and I’m not going to half-ass the costume (where am I going to find a leather jacket I can shred, and the time to stick a ton of bones onto a vest?). Also, I somehow forgot that Rufio has black hair with red…stuff in it. I am NOT dying my hair black.

So back to Tank Girl, it is. And I now have the movie so I shall rewatch for costume ideas!!

I was determined to get all dressed up tomorrow to make myself feel better. I shaved my legs (this might be the smoothest they’ve ever felt!), did my hair-thing, set out my clothes….then realize that all the make-up I would be putting on in the morning would be rubbed off &/or smeared all over my face within the first hour, thanks to needing to blow my nose every few minutes. Sad day.

Don’t you miss when you were sick as a little kid (the kid part, not the sick part), and all you did was lie on the couch with blankets and watch cartoons, and drink juice or tea, and nap (and mom/dad/someone was constantly checking in on you)?

Now when you’re sick you don’t get to lie on the couch and watch cartoons. You still have to study for the 2 exams that you have tomorrow (no matter how stuffed your nose is, or how swollen your throat feels).

I woke up with my throat swollen and my nose full of mucus. Yayyy. Also, my ears hurt.

All I have in my house to eat is bagels and cream cheese. I am somewhat allergic to dairy…as in it makes it harder for me to breathe. Wooooooo -_-