Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

When I get really unhappy and frustrated, and feel like I’m drowning, I feel this intense need to change my appearance. It’s like…my ultimate self-care.

I already cut and bleached my hair, but since I’ve done that so many times, it wasn’t enough. I paint my nails weekly (and sometimes daily), so that isn’t helping. I don’t need any more piercings (although, I am still considering my nipples).

I would absolutely love another tattoo, but after paying my dad and Marshall back for the loans, and saving $1500 for rent, I will only havre $500 left. And I can’t blow it all on a tattoo.

I desperately need to lose weight, but that isn’t an instant thing. That takes time, and I can’t see results right away.

I don’t know what to do. I feel kind of ugly. I also feel kind of stupid/unintelligent. 

Right now, it feels like I can’t do anything right. I’m starting to get panicky. 

Ugh. Can I be not single now? I miss cuddles and kisses on the forehead and cheek.

*cries* I want someone to be cute withhhh

Set my alarm for 7. Never heard it. Woke up at 815….the time I was supposed to be at the bus stop. Exam is now in less than 30 minutes.

What the fuck is going on? I never over sleep, and I never miss exams. I feel like crying. I feel like I’m not in control.


Asexuality by Tiny Dinosaur :)!

I’m so tired of being written off and brushed under the table because I am not the “norm”.

Have you ever wanted to get something off your chest (or just write, period) involving someone else, but in order to do it you would have to use a descriptor about them that would completely give away who they are, and you reallly don’t want everyone knowing who you’re talking about…so you just don’t write anything?


Maybe if I write it this way: The first time I saw Z, I thought they were reallllly cute. Then I heard Y thing about Z that made me decide I probably shouldn’t like Z. And now I have heard that Y thing may not actually be a thing, and now I think Z is even cuter than before because Y thing might not be a thing at all.

Wow…that really doesn’t help (and I made it sound like some kind of relationship/love triangle thing, and it soooo is nothing like that at all). Just gonna keep my mouth shut about Z person. This kind of shit rarely tends to work out for me, anyway.

Is it normal for apartment complexes not to tell you when someone else is moving into your house? Great move Retreat…if that girl hadn’t written a note, and I had seen her instead, I would have freaked the fuck out.
You realllly need to notify people to let them know that a stranger is moving into their home. Not cool.

I’m sure she’s a really nice person, but that would not have been my first thought upon seeing a complete stranger in my house alone with me.

I want to punch everything right now. So fucking stressed. Everyone (in my complex) is pissing me the fuck off. SO disrespectful. I HOPE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU FLUNKS OUT OF COLLEGE THIS SEMESTER!!


I need to get the fuck out of this complex rn, but I really need to study, so I can’t do that.

Personal Record: I shaved my legs two days in a row and it doesn’t hurt!!

All the queers!

All the queers!

I think nipah23 may have convinced me to get my nipples pierced.